Confirmed Speakers

Jason Thomas
VP Customer Care,
Telecom Training Corporation
Melissa Harris
CEO and Founder
Telecom Training Corporation
Cricket Wireless
Darrell Franklin
Director Digital Experience
Cricket Wireless
Diane Magers
Executive, Office of the Customer
Fidelity Communications
John Walburn
VP Customer Service
Fidelity Communications
Armand Barone
Director Customer Experience
U.S. Cellular
Nancy Fratzke
VP Customer Care Centers
U.S. Cellular

Discover how to work cross-functionally to deliver a truly seamless and personalized customer experience, and proactively engage with customers across multiple channels and touch points

Unfortunately, the telco and cable industries are still at the bottom of the heap when it comes to customer satisfaction. Fortunately, you can change this perception!

Join us in Atlanta for what is still the only event in North America to focus on CEM strategies specifically for the telco industry, and find out how to leverage customer insights and "Big Data" to understand what your customers really want, and deliver the personalized service the modern market demands.

Plus, in the move from multi- to omni-channel sales and service, hear in-depth case studies focusing on different channels and touch points, to make sure none are neglected, and discover how to gain buy-in from each channel to ensure a seamless experience for customers

Watch this space for full details of this year's speaker panel and agenda - you can download a draft version here!

View our CEM Telecom Global Series Video

New for 2015!

  • Benefit from new "online" and "offline" channel management streams to tailor your agenda and ensure you address the issues most important to your business
  • Hear brand new case studies from both nationwide carriers AT&T, Comcast, Sprint and Verizon, and from regional carriers, to ensure you can replicate their success stories back in the office
  • Discuss how you can deliver an excellent experience in the corporate, as well as the consumer market, to ensure you continue to drive revenues from this potentially highly lucrative customer base
  • Learn lessons from outside the telecoms industry, as well-loved brands share how they keep their customers satisfied

Meet and network with SVPs/VPs/Directors/Managers/Specialists of:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Operations
  • Call Center Operations
  • Customer Support
  • Client Experience
  • Customer Service & Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Strategy
  • Commercial Operations
  • Sales

Hear what your peers said about Telecoms IQ’s Customer Experience Management in Telecoms: North America Summit:

“It’s great to learn of best practices from your colleagues in the US and around the world.  I always look forward to the Customer Experience conferences and am able to take relevant ideas back to my local group”Jonathan Hall, Process Improvement Leader, Project Management,Cox Communications
"Any time industry peers gather to share experiences on transforming the customer experience, it raises the bar and standards of excellence we all deliver" Joseph Elias, Senior Director of Customer Experience Engineering, Comcast
“The ability to network was very valuable. There were lots of great learnings from the different carriers and people were really open to share learnings and best practices” Claudine White, Customer Experience Leader, Eastlink Canada
“I thought the content and speakers were excellent.” Erik Larson, Senior Project Manager - Social Media, AT&T

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